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Persons Case Scholarships awarded to 40 Alberta students

The Government of Alberta is recognizing 40 outstanding students through the Persons Case Scholarship program.

Human Services Progress Update

Over the last year, wide-spread enhancements across child intervention have driven focused changes for children, youth and families in Alberta.

Province marks decade of community support for families

Parent Link Centres are celebrating 10 years of providing programs and resources for Alberta’s parents.

Increased efforts to reduce youth homelessness in Alberta

Alberta is leading the way in responding to youth homelessness with new support across the province.

Webcasts develop caregiver skills

Families and caregivers will have access to information, the latest research and other resources via webcasts on mental health, brain injury, Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD) and disabilities.

Alberta improves child intervention system transparency

Human Services Minister Heather Klimchuk made a statement on the new Publication Ban Regulation and child death notification process.

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Human Services is responsible for the following programs and services:

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