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The Family and Community Safety Program

Grant funding is available through the Family and Community Safety program for grassroots prevention efforts that address issues such as child abuse, family violence, sexual assault and bullying.

Until November 14, 2014, applications will be accepted from agencies and groups who wish to participate. Any legal, not-for-profit entity is eligible to apply and projects can either be new or existing.

Frequently Asked Questions

What kinds of projects will this fund support?

  • Funding will be awarded to projects that address issues such as abuse, violence and children’s mental health, as well as the need for mentors.
  • The focus will be on initiatives that help build stronger families and communities.
  • The Family and Community Safety program places an emphasis on community-initiated and led strategies and community plans that positively impact vulnerable Albertans, families and communities.

How much grant funding is available?

  • Sustained grant funds could range from $35,000 to $500,000 maximum per project for up to three years and may not be restricted to one-time funding.

Who is eligible to apply?

  • Any legal, not-for-profit entity is eligible to apply.
  • Eligible projects can either be new or existing.
  • Organizations must have a proven record of successful project management, including sound fiscal practices and achievements of outcomes.

What types of projects are not eligible?

  • Capital projects and capital expenses in excess of $5,000.
  • Events or spending that occurs before the application is approved and the contract is signed (i.e., retroactive funding).
  • Projects that plan to send grant monies to another organization for third party use (i.e., flow through funding).

Can I partner with another organization?

  • Yes, partnership with other organizations is required.

Can I get help to fill out my application form?

  • Yes, agencies who have questions or need help in developing their application should contact Human Services at hs.fcspgrants@gov.ab.ca

When will funding decisions be made?

  • Applications must be received by November 14, 2014. Applications will then be reviewed and successful projects will be contacted prior to the end of the year.

Can First Nations bands or agencies on reserve apply?

  • First Nations’ community projects are eligible for Family and Community Safety Program funding, however, groups may find a greater level of funding for their project through the Alberta First Nations Development Fund, particularly for projects that involve capital costs.

What is a Community Action Plan and how does it work?

  • Community Action Plans use strategic partners to address community priorities and build capacity in the community to target prevention activities.
  • These priorities can focus on multiple social issues such as: child sexual abuse, family violence, sexual violence, bullying, poverty and children’s mental health.
  • Through community action plans an integrated community approach to collaboratively implement solutions to address risk and protective factors is developed and implemented.

What are the anticipated outcomes of this program?

  • Funding from this program will increase the resources that help people stay safe.
  • Projects and community plans that receive funding will decrease social isolation and improve community connections.
  • Partnership between groups will also be enhanced so that communities can do more together.

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