Connect to Support and Services

Are you experiencing violence in your home? Being bullied? Know of a child being negleced or abused? Trained staff are available to provide advice and support 24 hours a day, seven days a week, in more than 170 languages. Learn how to cover your tracks online

Family Violence Info Line 310‑1818

Bullying Helpline 1‑888‑456‑2323

Child Abuse Hotline 1‑800‑387‑5437

Family and Community Safety Program:
Do you have a project that address issues such as child abuse, family violence, sexual assault or bullying? Apply by November 14 for grant funding.

Violence is a learned behaviour – but so is respect. Take a look and share this Public Service Announcement on the importance of healthy relationships.

Download Family Violence Hurts Everyone: A Framework to End Family Violence in Alberta (2013)

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