Great Kids Award

Update on Nominations

Great Kids Award logoFrom parents and teachers, to social workers and neighbours, thank you to those who have nominated a special young person for the Great Kids Award. Great Kids Award winners have been contacted for 2014. Nominees will receive certificates in May.

About the Awards

On April 27 2014, 16 children and youth from around Alberta will be recognized for their outstanding community efforts and leadership at the 14th Annual Great Kids Awards.

The awards will celebrate young Albertans for their outstanding determination, generosity, and compassion. That way, we can help share their story, inspiring other Albertans to reach their potential and build a better Alberta.

The Great Kids Award was first launched in 1999 to celebrate children and youth who positively impact their communities.

If you have questions, please read our FAQs. For other information, please contact the Great Kids Award Team by email or by phone at 780-415-8150.

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