Family and Community Engagement Councils

Connecting with communities to build a better Alberta

Make a difference

Consider becoming a Family and Community Engagement Council member if you:

  • are passionate and knowledgeable about your community
  • want to identify and drive social change
  • are open to new ideas and different approaches
  • know how to build relationships, manage issues and collaborate to get results
  • interact with respect, accountability, integrity and excellence

Alberta’s Family and Community Engagement Councils (FCECs) are the way we connect with our communities. They help us understand where we’re making a difference, where more support is needed and where we can work better together to achieve the results Albertans want and need. Our FCECs:

  • work with communities to identify social issues, opportunities, challenges and potential solutions
  • build on the relationships, cooperative spirit and common purpose more than 31,000 Albertans developed when they created Alberta’s Social Policy Framework
  • involve community partners such as health advisory councils, school boards, municipalities, Aboriginal agencies, social service agencies, the private sector and other agencies or groups
  • offer advice, make recommendations and report on social-based issues, needs, solutions and outcomes

Operating under the Building Families and Communities Act, the Family and Community Engagement Councils:

  • are made up of Albertans from all areas of interest and capabilities
  • have Aboriginal co-chairs to reflect the social and cultural perspectives of First Nations, Métis and Inuit

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