PDD Staff Jobs

Sometimes you may not know who you need to talk to at Calgary Region PDD. The PDD phone list has many different job titles and groups. You can always phone PDD at (403) 297-5011 and tell the person there what you need to talk about. She will connect you to the right people. Here is a simple guide to the different groups of staff at Calgary PDD. There are four basic groups:

  1. Administration — These are the staff who keep Calgary PDD running. In the PDD phone list, they are part of Calgary Region PDD or Finance and Administration.
  2. Individual Supports — These are the staff most people with developmental disabilities and their family members need to talk to. You will want to talk to an Intake Coordinator if you want to apply for PDD-funded services. You will want to talk to a Client Services Coordinator if PDD has said you can get services that PDD pays for. A Client Services Coordinator works with you to plan services, find places that can help you, or help if you have problems with your services.
  3. Community Resources — These are the staff who work with agencies that get funding from PDD. Contract Specialists make agreements (called contracts) with community agencies and make sure PDD money is used the way the contract said it would. They also try to help agencies manage their money and staff well.
  4. Graduated Supports — As well as paying for community agencies, PDD offers support directly to individuals with multiple or high needs through the Graduated Supports programs. Staff at Graduated Supports provide 24-hour support to individuals in a set of homes in the Bowness/Scenic Acres and Albert Park areas of Calgary. Graduated Supports also helps individuals with recreation and leisure at their Parkdale location and in their community. Individuals there may also get help with volunteering, employment and communication.
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