Parent Link Centres

Parent Link Centres provide parent and family support to families in Alberta. Each centre provides services based on the needs of families in its particular community. With 50 Parent Link Centres and two satellite sites working continuously to reach out to more than 180 communities across the province, qualified and knowledgeable staff are prepared to deliver parenting programs, answer questions and offer advice about positive parenting and dealing with parenting and family issues.

Parent Link Centres invite parents to participate in a range of activities, including:

  • A range of programs and activities with their children such as “Mom and Baby Time”, “Daddy and Me”, music and movement, literacy and numeracy.
  • Parent learning opportunities such as Triple P – Positive Parenting Program.
  • Gather information about a variety of programs and services available to young children and their families, including; speech and language resources, community kitchens, toy lending and resource libraries.
  • Reflect on and support their child’s development from their communication skills to problem solving to motor skills through an Ages and Stages questionnaire.
  • Get answers to questions and learn more about their child’s growth through a development check-up.
  • Talk to Parent Link Centre staff about practical tips and information to support and strengthen their skills and confidence in parenting.
  • Learn what to expect from their child, when to get help, and where is the best place to get help for their particular situation.
  • Gain valuable skills and strategies for dealing positively with children’s development and behavioural concerns.
  • Connect with other parents and caregivers in the community by attending drop-ins, programs and availing of other services provided in group settings.
Modified: 2015-03-02
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