Child Care Staff Certification

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Certification forms and guides

Current certification application processing time is four to six weeks.

Do you need another copy of your certificate? Request one using the Change of Personal Information form.

Certification requirements

For licensed day care programs, out-of-school care programs, and pre-school programs, all staff working directly with children must be certified within six months of employment and must not have unsupervised access to children until certified.

Certification looks at an applicant’s post-secondary training in early childhood education or equivalent and determines if they are eligible for one of the three levels of certification. The three levels of certification are:

Note:  Effective September 1, 2015, individuals applying for child care staff certification with a completed post-secondary certificate, diploma, or degree listed on the Educational Equivalency Chart (page 6 in the Child Care Staff Certification Guide) will no longer be additionally required to provide proof of a post-secondary English or French course.

How to become certified

To apply, read the Certification Guide for Child Care Staff and complete the application form.

When you apply, you are assigned a registration number. This number is unique to you and remains the same even if your certification level and/or status changes. Please provide this number every time you contact our office about your application.

Read about the whole certification process.

Educational equivalencies for certification

Staff who have previous training or are requesting a re-assessment of credentials may refer to the Educational Equivalency Chart.

Staff that have not completed a full educational certificate/diploma/degree program or whose training does not match the Educational Equivalencies Chart can have their individual coursework assessed by Early Learning and Child Care subject areas and course hours to determine an equivalent level of certification. Please refer to the Course Hours Equivalency Chart.

Orientation course

The Child Care Orientation Course is for people without formal training in early learning and child care and who are interested in pursuing a career in child care.

Life Experience Equivalency Process (LEEP)

The Life Experience Equivalency Process (LEEP) recognizes child care competencies that child care professionals have obtained through experience and informal learning opportunities. LEEP provides a way for child care professionals to demonstrate that they have the competencies needed to advance from the child development assistant level and be certified as a child development worker.

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