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The Alberta government is creating a curriculum framework for Early Learning and Child Care in Alberta

The Ministry of Human Services is sponsoring Grant MacEwan University and Mount Royal University as community partners to develop a “made in Alberta” curriculum framework for child care educators working in centre based child care and family day home settings with children zero - five years of age. The curriculum framework will be based on a holistic view of children and will build common language across diverse delivery settings around the importance of play in early learning, emergent program planning and responsive care. The Advisory Committee for the project includes curriculum experts from Alberta post secondary Faculties of Education and Early Learning and Child Care programs, as well as representatives from the broader professional child care sector, who will provide guidance and feedback on the underlying values, principles and goals that guide responsive routines, learning experiences and interactions with children and their families.

There are two phases to the project. The first phase is the development of a draft curriculum framework that is aligned with the content, philosophy and approach of post secondary training institutions as well as the early learning and child care sector at large. The second phase consists of piloting the curriculum framework and supports in selected early learning and child care sites across the province. The project will conclude with recommendations and strategies for implementation by March 2014.

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