Office of the Public Trustee (OPT)

The Public Trustee is appointed by the Government of Alberta under the Public Trustee Act‚ the Adult Guardianship and Trusteeship Act, and the Minors Property Act to protect and manage the financial interests of vulnerable Albertans. The trust administrators, lawyers, taxation officers, auditors and support staff in the Office of the Public Trustee act on behalf of people with mental disabilities, administer the estates of deceased persons and protect the property interests of minors.

As of January 31, 2014, the OPT was administering approximately 19,400 estates and trusts and managing almost half a billion dollars in assets for about 16,000 Albertans.

Our Vision

We are helping to create a province where vulnerable Albertans can maximize their potential and live with dignity. The Office of the Public Trustee works collaboratively to offer excellent, proactive, timely and respectful service to Albertans. We honour the importance of serving Albertans in need and their families.

Our Mission

The Office of the Public Trustee acts for and administers the property of represented adults, minor children, and deceased persons, when the Office is the most appropriate resource to provide support and protection.

Our Values

  • Respect – We foster an environment in which each individual is valued and heard.
  • Accountability – We are responsible for our actions and contributing to the effectiveness of the public service.
  • Integrity – We behave ethically and are open, honest and fair.
  • Excellence – We use innovation and continuous improvement to achieve excellence.

Guiding Principles

We respect and trust those we work with.

  • We are committed to creating a respectful workplace where people feel valued.
  • We celebrate our successes, recognize each other for great work and learn from our experiences.
  • We recognize that leaders are at all levels.

We are empowered to make a positive difference in people’s lives.

  • We respect the people we serve.
  • We are flexible and responsive to each client’s unique needs while ensuring our accountability to the people of Alberta.
  • We share ideas about how to improve service to Albertans and improve our workplace.
  • We enjoy a healthy, safe, flexible and productive work environment.

We strive for excellence and continuous improvement.

  • We work collaboratively and are creative and innovative.
  • We work closely with non-profit organizations, communities, industry and other stakeholder groups to complement each other’s services, achieving the best outcomes for Albertans without duplicating efforts.
  • We take charge of our career paths and are supported in our continued learning and professional development.

More Resources

OPT Quarterly Progress Reports (in response to the Office of the Auditor General report)

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