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The Office of the Public Guardian and Trustee has a toll-free public inquiries phone line. You can also visit or call your local office.

What’s important to know

You can call Government of Alberta offices toll-free:

  • with your landline, dial 310-0000 + area code + telephone number
  • with your cell phone, dial *310 (Roger’s Wireless) or #310 (Bell and Telus) + area code + telephone number

Public inquiries telephone line

1-877-427-4525 (toll-free in Alberta)


The Office of the Public Guardian and Trustee has offices throughout Alberta.

In the list below, each office is labeled either (Guardianship) or (Trusteeship):

  • (Guardianship) means this office offers programs and services related to personal matters that are not about money, such as guardianship and personal directives.
  • (Trusteeship) means this office offers programs and services related to financial matters, such as trusteeship and the AISH Benefits Administration Program.

Show Answer Locations

St. Paul

Box 409
3rd Floor, Provincial Building
5025-49 Avenue
St. Paul AB T0A 3A4
Phone: 780-645-6278
Fax: 780-645-6260

Grande Prairie

1501 Provincial Building
10320-99 Street
Grande Prairie AB T8V 6J4
Phone: 780-833-4319
Fax: 780-538-5308


4th Floor, 108 Street Building
9942-108 Street
Edmonton AB T5K 2J5
Phone: 780-427-0017
Fax: 780-422-9138

4th Floor, Brownlee Building
10365-97 Street
Edmonton AB  T5J 3Z8
Phone: 780-427-2744
Fax: 780-422-9136

(Provincial office, Guardianship)
4th floor, John E. Brownlee Building
10365 – 97 Street
Edmonton, AB T5J 3Z8
Phone: 780-422-1868
Fax: 780-422-6051


Main Floor, Provincial Building
5124-50 Street
Lloydminster AB T9V0M3
Phone: 780-871-6490
Fax: 780-871-6437

Red Deer

(Guardianship and Trusteeship)
203 Provincial Building
4920-51 Street
Red Deer AB T4N 6K8
Phone: 403-340-5165
Fax: 403-340-7131


(Guardianship and Trusteeship)
Suite 900, Barclay Centre
444-7 Avenue SW
Calgary AB T2P 0X8
Phone: 403-297-3364 (Guardianship) or 403-297-6541 (Trusteeship)
Fax: 403-297-3427 (Guardianship) or 403-297-2823 (Trusteeship)


500 Professional Building
740-4 Avenue S
Lethbridge AB T1J 0N9
Phone: 403-381-5648
Fax: 403-381-5774

Medicine Hat

Room 107, Provincial Building
346-3 Street SE
Medicine Hat AB T1A 0G7
Phone: 403-529-3744
Fax: 403-528-5246

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Contact this service

1-877-427-4525 (toll-free)

8:15 am - 4:30 pm (Monday to Friday, closed statutory holidays)