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Index of Grants / Succession Duties Registry

Effective June 1, 2010, the Public Trustee no longer maintains a registry of applications made and grants issued in the Province of Alberta. You must now contact any location of the Surrogate division of the Court of Queen's Bench.

Searches for persons deceased before 1947 also have to be conducted through the Surrogate office using their forms. The Public Trustee will continue to monitor these Estates regarding any possible succession duty payable.

The grants most often issued are for Probate or Letters of Administration. Records of Caveats and wills deposited prior to 1995 are also maintained by the Surrogate office of the Court of Queen's Bench. Searches may be made in any Judicial Centre but the documents would be held in the Judicial Centre where the deceased lived at the time of their death.

It is important to note that files may not be held at the court house but may be in storage at their Record Centre or in archival storage.

There is a $10.00 charge for each search item by name or court file number in the Surrogate office plus a court photocopying charge of $1.00 per page.

To conduct the search, please contact any Court of Queen's Bench, Surrogate Division in the Province of Alberta:

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